2014 Jul 18

written by Sherri Joubert

The following video is quite brilliant in explaining exactly why video games in general, and first person shooter games in particular, don’t teach you how to kill.

Link to the UK study on TV and video game violence: Do television and electronic games predict children’s psychosocial adjustment? Longitudinal research using the UK Millennium Cohort Study

He’s right. Humans use video and simulation equipment to practice many things, from driving a car to flying a plane. But you never become proficient at it until you do it in the real world on real equipment.

A video game controller is nothing like handling a physical gun. Video game play is nothing like dealing with the strategy and tactics of a real-life shoot out. The shooter had to acquire a gun, ammunition, and learn how to use it with target and tactical practice.

The next time anyone blames a mass shooting on video games, movie violence, or TV violence, keep in mind that you didn’t learn to drive a car using a simulator.

There is a real cause for this problem, and we need to find it and deal with it.

What are your thoughts? Please tell us in the comments.

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