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2 Responses to “Advertise”

  1. Jolynn Larey Says:

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  2. Isreal Rolseth Says:

    There is no “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage”, it’s just “marriage”. Detractors call it something different so that people will believe it is something different, then claim that “new” rights are being granted. They’re not. The Supreme Court has decided time and time again that marriage is a fundamental right to ALL citizens. If you want to pass a law that says “we want to deny that right to certain people,” then you have to have a compelling reason why it should be allowed, and you have to prove it. Gay individuals don’t want a “same-sex” marriage, they just want a regular marriage like everyone else. Yet Californians, for some reason, felt the need to try to take that right away from them. When told they have to give valid reasons and proof why they should be able to deny those people their right to marry, they were unable to