2013 Mar 20

written by Sherri Joubert

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joins the fight in supporting same-sex marriage rights around the world and here at home. Sec. Clinton has been First Lady, a U.S. Senator, a strong contender for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, and is still an attorney.

She is taking a well-deserved rest after being one of the most active and widely traveled Secretaries of State this country has ever had, but I don’t see that position being the end of her career as a public servant. The following video shows she is still engaged as a citizen to continue to serve the country and speak for equal rights for everyone around the world.

Americans are moving forward quickly toward marriage equality. It’s already a right in some other countries, Canada being the closest one to the U.S.

As we fight for our right to marry, there is still a long fight in other countries for LGBTQ people to have the right to be who they are and not be persecuted, arrested, imprisoned and executed. Secretary Clinton has spoken eloquently to world leaders to end this horrible, inhumane treatment of LGBTQ people.

As America makes progress, we must not forget our brothers and sisters in countries that would rather see them dead than out of the closet with equal human rights. Sec. Clinton worked hard to make this message clear to the world and its tyrannical governments.

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